Luxury Student Accommodation In Liverpool

A truly vibrant and inclusive city, The Ascent is located on Renshaw Street, right in the thick of the action. Universities are a five to ten minute walk away, perfect for students.


The Ascent

from £224 pw
Key Features
  • Private cinema experience
  • Shared social kitchens
  • Relaxing student lounges
  • Large on-site gym
  • 24 hour concierge
  • Peaceful study rooms
  • Game zone
  • Music room
  • Sauna and steam room
  • Private Dining

What’s Included

Experience next level student living with all inclusive apartments

Private Cinema Experience

Relaxing Student Lounge

Large On-Site Gym

24 Hour Concierge

Game Zone

What Our Students Say?

This apartment is the BEST student accommodation!
This apartment is the BEST student accommodation I‘ve lived in Liverpool! The apartment is large and has a lot of activities. All staff are very very supportive and friendly and responsive, they will give u help in a very timely manner, big thanks to Beth

Explore Liverpool with Iconinc

Liverpool is a vibrant and historic city located in the northwest of England, along the banks of the River Mersey. With a population of around half a million people, it is the sixth-largest city in the United Kingdom. Liverpool has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its diverse music, arts, and sporting traditions.

Liverpool offers a wide range of amenities to cater to the needs and interests of its residents and visitors. The city boasts a vibrant shopping scene, with modern complexes like Liverpool ONE offering a diverse selection of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. Liverpool's dining and nightlife are renowned, with a plethora of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines and vibrant bars and clubs creating a lively atmosphere. The city is also rich in cultural amenities, with world-class museums and galleries showcasing art, history, and science. Sports enthusiasts can indulge in the passion for football with two Premier League clubs, while recreational activities such as swimming, cycling, and golf are readily available. Additionally, Liverpool's iconic waterfront and parks provide spaces for relaxation and leisurely strolls. Overall, Liverpool's amenities cater to a diverse range of interests, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

In the Heart of Liverpool

Liverpool is an excellent city for students due to its vibrant academic environment, affordable cost of living, diverse cultural scene, and strong sense of community. The city is home to several prestigious universities, including the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, and Liverpool Hope University, offering a wide range of courses and research opportunities. With a large student population, Liverpool offers a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, making it easy for students to form friendships and engage in various social activities. Overall, Liverpool provides a stimulating and supportive environment for students, fostering personal and academic growth while offering a memorable and enjoyable university experience.

University of Liverpool

With a rich history and a global reputation, The University of Liverpool offers a wide range of programs, fostering intellectual curiosity and preparing students for successful careers in various fields.

Liverpool John Moores

John Moores is a dynamic institution, dedicated to providing high-quality education. They equip students with the skills and knowledge they need for professional success in a wide range of disciplines.